Khatsahlano Women’s Health (temporarily closed)


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The Khatshalano Women’s Health Program is a free, confidential program supported by the BC Cancer Agency that has been designed by female health professionals for women like you.





    • Appointment based with a female doctor or nurse specialist
    • Pap test, routine STD screening, and birth control counseling and prescription renewals
    • Automatic reminder program for cervical cancer screening (Pap test)
    • Copies of all test results forwarded to your family doctor (although we’ll contact you with any abnormal test results)





    • Prevention/early detection of cervical and genital cancers, sexually transmitted diseases
    • Prevention of unplanned pregnancies
    • Prevention of infertility associated with some sexually transmitted diseases
    • Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
    • Free, confidential, fast, and convenient




Online booking


We are now offering online booking for the Women’s Health Program for patients who have attended Khatsahlano clinic in the past.


Once you register, your account will be confirmed, and you will be able to book an appointment for our Wednesday pap clinics. Please note: you must enter pap smear (or other relevant women’s health issue) into the ‘reason for visit’ box – otherwise, your appointment will automatically be cancelled.

Appointments with our office via the online booking system will also receive automated email reminders the day before – so you never forget!

Please note that the Women’s Health Program is available at the Broadway clinic only.




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MVA Recovery Management Program

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Get better…. faster.


If you or someone you know has ever been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you know that the recovery process can be long and difficult – physically, emotionally, and financially. Delays in getting the right care are not uncommon and can unnecessarily add months to your recovery.


At Khatsahlano Medical Clinic, patients who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident are cared for by physicians skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of muskulo-skeletal injuries. They can rapidly determine what is the most appropriate treatment and get it for you. They can also provide expert medical-legal reports and opinions to your lawyer or ICBC.


Recovering from a motor vehicle accident so you can get on with your life is hard enough – we can make it a little easier.




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Flu Shot Program

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Your best shot at staying healthy this winter.


Flu is common, usually results in three to five days of lost time at work or school, and leaves you feeling tired and miserable for 7-10 days.


Complications such as ear infections and strep throat (which then require antibiotics) are common. More serious complications such as pneumonia can be fatal in the elderly, those with chronic illnesses, and the immune-compromised.


Flu shots significantly reduce your chances of catching flu.

The Khatsahlano Flu Shot Program is available each fall and winter from approximately late October until the end of March. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for announcements on when shots become available!





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