Can I use my provincial medical services plan card?


Yes. Some services are not covered, so please feel free to ask our receptionist when you’re registering.

If this is your first visit to Khatsahlano and you wish the visit to be covered, we’ll require your MSP Care Card or other out of province card.

If you don’t have a medical card we also accept Visa, Mastercard, and debit cards.

Please note that we do not accept cash.




What if I’m not a resident of British Columbia?


We welcome valid Canadian Care Cards like OHIP and others (along with a piece of picture ID for verification). Please note that Pap tests and certain other preventive care services are not covered if you have out of province coverage.

If you’re moving to BC, please ask our receptionist for an MSP application package or for eligibility and enrollment information.

Private fees apply for international visitors. The current standard office visit fee is $150 (as of September 2011; this is subject to change without notice). A receipt is provided for reimbursement on travel insurance.




Do you have medical physicians on at all times?


Yes – physicians are on at all times that the clinic is open.




What services are not covered by MSP?


Services not covered under MSP include:

      • Travel advice and medicine
      • Most forms – school/camp forms, driver’s physicals, work physicals, sick notes, attending physician’s statements




Why or when should I go to a Khatsahlano physician?


If you think you need to see a physician at any time, and you don’t currently have a family doctor or your family doctor isn’t available, then you should visit Khatsahlano.

We’re open 6-7 days a week.




What do you think about alternative and complementary medicine (chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.)?

We’re very open to alternative and complementary modalities. We particularly support those therapies for which there is quality research suggesting effectiveness.

As providers of allopathic (otherwise known as “traditional” or “western”) medicine, we do not offer alternative modalities ourselves and recognize our own limitations in terms of applying therapies we have not been trained to provide.

Our goal is to collaborate with our patients and their alternative providers as best we can for a holistic approach to healthy living.




Will you call me with my results?


We’ll only call you if your results require some change in management. In most cases, however, you won’t receive a call.

If you wish to know your test results or if your symptoms are not improving, please return to the clinic.

The commonest test results (blood tests and x-rays) are generally ready in 3 business days; other tests may take longer, so please ask.

Please don’t call the clinic to ask for your test results or to see if they are in because our staff are not legally permitted to provide that information.




I’m too sick to come in – can you give phone advice?


Yes. We can give out any phone advice, including prescription renewals.




What if I won’t be able to make it to my appointment?


No Show Fee Policy of $40 for all confirmed appointment including phone consultations even for the same day service.